The Willows

  • Client
    Malvik Bhatt
  • Project Date
    Jan 2020
  • Category

The Willows: A compact space with effortless style

Designed by SpaceTheory, this 720 sq ft apartment in Ahmedabad is a lesson on efficient use of space, all while employing a plethora of clever design elements intended to transform it into an effortlessly stylish and modern home.

Maximizing space

An unabashed use of mirrors recurs as a design flourish used throughout the house, affording an illusion of spaciousness. A mirrored wall anchors the living room, instantly allowing a grand sense of space. A pared-back palette of neutrals recedes into the background, the pale beiges, muted champagnes and restrained ivory provide a visual lightness to the room and do not overpower elements. An adored spot in the house, the open kitchen and dining encourages conversation while carrying the gleaming aesthetic of luxe appeal forward. It is partitioned from the living room with a sleek plane of lines, which sections off the zone while maintaining clear visual connectivity, thus lending a sense of openness to the compact space.

Modest luxury at play

Metallic touches of gold and silver create a hint of luxury. Dreamy lights illuminate the room, pendants and chandeliers of retro-glam juxtaposed against strip lights of contemporary grace. Against the neutral backdrop, textural play of stucco finishes, velvet upholstery and plush fabrics comes to life. Pops of fresh green add life. A thread of warm wooden accents give a cosy vibe to the volume. Etched with geometric patterns that echo the sleek lines of furnishing, a distinct language of lines is brought to the forefront through the mirror. A marble table top adds visual weight to the space.

Muted hues and bedrooms blues

The two bedrooms demonstrate very different design sensibilities, one echoing the muted neutrals of the house while the other championing a riot of bright blues. The master bedroom is dominated by soft tones of white and peach. Mirrored shutters enlarge spaces while cozy furnishing creates an unmistakable warmth in the ambiance. Basking in the warm glow of contemporary pendant lights, blank arched motifs adorn the walls. In the guest bedroom, refreshing shades of blue make the room almost ecstatic in its vibrancy. A patterned veneer of warm wooden tones suffused personality into the cool palette.

Highlighting clean, elegant and comfortable living while melding together cozy warmth and effortless glam transforms this compact space.